Fritz Zehetner

2000 – 2004  

SIZE Prozess® is based on a new and integrative personality and communications model.

The foundation for this personality and communication model:

  •  scientific knowledge of profound and humanistic psychology
  •  transaction analysis of Eric Berne and his successors
  •  bioenergetics according to Alexander Lowen and Ron Kurtz
  •  classic development psychology
  •  models of systems theory

Up until 2004, SIZE was developed jointly by Fritz Zehetner and Hannes Sieber. Since 2004 the model is further developed by Fritz Zehetner and adapted to business challenges.

SIZE  is a play on words from the original founders
Hannes SIEBER and Fritz ZEHETNER

2004 – today  

The wordmark and trademark SIZE Prozess® was assumed and internationally protected by Fritz Zehetner in 2004.
From then on, the model has been developed innovatively and practically, always orientated towards the current market challenges.
Fritz Zehetner has and is still collaborating with many known experts both here and abroad.

2007 – today  

The model was expanded by the field of Competency Management.
The result of this development work is the "Dual Method".
=  a combined inventory of competences (independent capacity to act) and personality and behavioural characteristics (strengths, talents, motives, values, and resources).

Target groups:  people, teams & organisations


  • to describe competences and make them transparent
  • the Transfer
  • application and development in order to safeguard corporate objetives  

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Reliability and validity:

From 2007-2008 the validity and reliability of the SIZE Prozess® measurement process as potential analysis by Prof. Dr. Angelo Giardini (Graduate Psychologist – at the then Justus Liebig University Giessen) were examined.

This project was subsequently assumed by Univ. Prof. Dr. Thomas Werani of the Johannes Kepler University of Linz. In further evaluation procedures from 2008-2010, the SIZE Prozess® measuring instrument was further evaluated on a wide range of data and in numerous cycles according to the latest scientific methods. It was further developed in a targeted manner to today‘s Standard.

The project focuses on the renunciation of a purely typological approach as well as the integration of new elements to prevent stress. Personality is treated as a complex system of six „personality styles“ – reciprocally related to one another – which are not only interdependent of one another but also with their environment.

Final Report of Evaluation 2010:
The overall quality of the SIZE Prozess® measuring instrument (validity, reliability) was classified as high in the concluding evaluation procedures in 2010

All of the underlying scales of the SIZE Prozess® instrument meet the defined minimum requirements for the existence of reliability and validity, which exceed most scales this far. The overall quality of the SIZE Prozess® instrument can therefore be classified as high. This result is statistically well hedged as to the scale test a) not only process the first, but the second generation, which is considered more sophisticated, were used, and b) the trial was based on a large database (n = 751)

Univ. Prof. Dr. Thomas Werani
Johannes Keppler Universität Linz
December 2010